Carolyn Ross, MD, MPH Integrative Medicine for Eating and Mood Disorders, Addictions and Obesity

Not just for those suffering from an ED but also for the families of those who love them. Monica has a unique ability to describe her experience in a way that will enable the reader to see her struggle not just as a battle to stop her ED behaviours, but as a struggle to know herself and be able to live from her true, authentic self, something we all struggle with. Inspiring. Real and very uplifting!

Christine Hassler, Best Selling Author of Expectation Hangover, Master Coach, Speaker

This book helps us to come to peace with our bodies—and ultimately ourselves. Monica’s practical and conscious approach shows us how our mind can be our greatest enemy or most loving ally depending on how we choose to use it. For anyone who's seeking a loving guide to release the struggle with body issues and feel empowered. I highly recommend this book.