Appreciating your gifts and talents

We are each born with the gift of individual expression, yet I also know that not everyone (including myself in the past) uses their gifts. I feel this comes down to either:

1. Not being fully aware of what your gift/talents are or, 
2. Knowing what they are but not yet being aware of how best to use them. 

Through my experience, I also know that both aspects play a part in the journey of getting to know ourselves. I know that with dedication and consistent steps toward knowing yourself, you too can discover how best to express yourself and how you may choose to serve the world.

I believe by sharing our gifts and talents, we show appreciation for having them. Whether that expression is making a beautiful meal for our loved ones or making a career out of them; both are equal in being an expression of our gifts. Each of these actions is an expression of our creative energy and the scale of how many people witness it, experience it or whether it becomes a worldwide celebrated expression or not, is irrelevant.

We simply need to express our creativity. When we don’t because of fear, because everyone else is doing it or thoughts of I’m not/ it’s not good enough, we rob ourselves of feeling alive; we dim our light.

We’ve all seen what it looks like when someone is passionate about something - their eyes light up, their whole being fires up and they’re just magnetic. Expressing what we love to do makes us come alive. It brings us into the moment and when we’re in the moment, we are truly powerful. We have the ability to move mountains and change lives.

Our creative expression connects us with each other and it has the potential to move and inspire another in so many different ways. By being ourselves and expressing who we are, we allow for others to do the same.

Along my journey, I found it difficult when it came down to choosing a career path because I found so many things I was really good at and interested in. It’s not to boast, it’s simply that for me (like many others) we can channel our creativity through all kinds of things whereas some people have that ‘one thing’. I never had that and it caused great turmoil within me because I wanted to go after all the creative ideas that came to me. 

Over time, I have learnt how to harness this creativity and I understand that I’m naturally very entrepreneurial and have lots of skills/ ways of expressing myself, but there is a select core that are my true gifts. I’ve come to realise that I can also channel my creativity through to others. I’ve seen my creativity come through as a solution for other people’s challenges, or they’ve been an idea that’s been the game changer for how they run or grow their business. 

My personal journey has taught me that I don’t have to limit myself in any area of life - but for an example let's use work. I don’t have to go down one career path, I don’t have to play ‘one’ particular role in business, I can chop and change because none of these roles and titles define who I am. Some people might frown upon that and tell you to stick to one thing, but I find more freedom in being able to explore different opportunities for they each teach me something new about myself, and to be honest, each path has deepened my connection to my true gifts. And if for some reason, one day I was no longer able to express myself in a particular way because of some impairment, I know that I would not be at a loss because expression of creativity is unlimited. There are so many different ways to express ourselves.

If you’re stuck about how to express yourself, look at what you love to do and also observe any moment where you see someone else doing something and notice yourself wishing that you could do that, or sometimes feeling envious toward what they’re doing. A lot of the time it’s because you want to do something like that. Having that experience can be truly valuable because you can then channel that feeling into taking action and going in the direction of what you’d love to do. Remember, expression of self is not limited to work and career, it's expressing who you are in each moment in all the ways you love to.

This post is just a reminder to use and appreciate what you are and what you have…embrace life and express yourself. The more you do, the more you’ll discover what your true gifts are.


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