Are you playing Tug-o-War with your life?

Boy do we make life difficult for ourselves at times, especially in those moments when we know the actions we must take in our heart and on the outside we fight it. We struggle with taking action, or following through or just being with what is.

I get it, sometimes you don't want to play stuck in the mud anymore! Sometimes you don't want to feel all those painful feelings inside your chest that you can't escape from. Some days you want to know what the future holds because not knowing is too big of a surprise! I mean, sure who doesn't love a special occasion surprise (love notes, flowers, delightful catch ups, or an unexpected thank you), but for Life surprises when you're standing on shaky ground, sometimes it's like "I just can't bear it anymore tell me the outcome!"

Fortunately for us, life is the unknown. You'd think this was a surprise and we only just found out? I mean we've made it thus far in our lives and yet we still react to life's uncertainty. Why?

Here's what trips us up:

1. The need to know more. 
So much of our attention is focused on future. Getting there, achieving this and wanting it all on our time; signed, sealed and delivered. Yet we must remember, it is only our ego who requires certainty; that's the only part of us that needs to feel it is in control. Put it this way, if you were assured - completely - that you were safe and secure and that everything would work out, how would you then Be?

2. Being in resistance. 
This signifies non-acceptance of what is, whereby we tell ourselves that what's happening is wrong and it is not going according to plan and our dreams are never going to work out (the plan our head made up). And then doesn't life swiftly pick us up again and we are given a new opportunity? So it always works out, right? Maybe just not always how our mind thinks it should. Let any resistance be a reminder where you soften and smile to yourself because you've realised you lost yourself for a moment.

3. Non-acceptance. 
When we truly accept what is, it actually frees us of all pain and suffering. It doesn't mean certain emotions won't arise, but through acceptance you cease to create anymore content in your mind around the situation. You stop writing dramatic novels in your head. 

When you truly accept a situation or circumstance for what it is, without berating yourself to the ground, you are at peace. You're no longer at a tug-o-war with life. 

Stay humble and soft, so you can respond to life rather than constantly be in reaction.

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