Are you ready to change?

You know when you wanna change something because you’re tired of walking into the same brick wall? Then there’s this other part of you that keeps luring you back down that darn alleyway. And you know better.
Oh yes, yes you do.

BUT that Voice (you know the one) is effing seductive. It can charm you back into false illusions quicker than a rabbit outta a hat.

And so whaddya do?

What the EFF do you do when you want to make a life change, and you keep getting pulled into the alleyways of your mind?

Let’s break it down.

First things first. Just STOP.

STOP right there. Stop right now. Stop before you move - before you breathe in again. (Okay, you can breathe). Just take a moment to ask yourself THE MOST critical question about this change that lays dangled in front of you like a bliss ball on a stick.

You ready?

Ask yourself:



Yeap! That’s what I thought.

And, if you didn’t hear the crickets, your well-trained mind has answered for you with a resounding yes - without a flinch. If that happened, you need to turn around, touch the ground and do 5 push ups (yes, on your knees is fine) and ask yourself again...


If the answer is any one of the following or some other colourful variation of the sort, you may not be ready for the change.

“Yeah, I do but…”
“Yeah, sorta.”
“Umm…I suppose so.”
“I do, but it’s…” (NOPE, you’ve used that one up).

See here’s the thing. Any kind of change, whether that’s opting in for clean eating, committing to a new fitness regime like yoga, CrossFit or walking, meditating or just taking a time out for you can be THE HARDEST thing in the world if you’re not ready.

And the truth is, YOU gotta be honest about it.

For example. Back in my past life, when I had an eating disorder, I wanted to get better. I really did. BUT…(yeap, here it comes), but I didn’t. Part of me did, and part of me just thought I’d go a liiittle bit longer before I jumped on board the health train.

And I knew that. I was very aware I didn’t wholeheartedly want to change. (Sorta). And I knew that until I was 100% committed and saying, YES to myself then, I just wasn’t ready.

Too often people force change upon themselves when they’re just not ready. They say yes, to making a change in their lives because someone else wants them to. Or because they “ought to”. You have to be ready with every fibre of your being.

In saying that, there’s a difference between being nervous, scared or feeling fear when it comes to making that commitment and actually not being ready.

The first part is normal when you're doing something unfamiliar or stepping outside that dreaded "comfort zone".

However, there comes a point where your food choices bring you more pain than pleasure.
There comes a point where looking at the mirror and feeling the way you do outweighs your current choices.
There also comes a time when it’s life or death - hopefully, you’re not there yet.

And when you get to any of those checkpoints, you’ll want to sign your name on the dotted line and commit to your change.

You will still (most likely) have moments of doubt. You’ll question if you can truly make this change or probably try and wiggle your way outta it once you’ve already signed a promise over your heart. That’s normal. We all go through that.

However, the strength lies in feeling those things and keeping your head up and heart strong.

So, if you’re struggling to make a change, take a moment to ask yourself:

Do I honestly want this? Am I willing to make this change?

And if the answer is no, then okay. Accept that's your honest response for now.

Change happens naturally. It will move you from within. Please don’t, however, use this as an excuse for skipping out on the action that's harder to take, especially if your health is on the line.

Become aware of what you’re feeling. Be aware of how you feel day to day. And through this observation, you may just find you no longer wish to feel that way. You may want to choose something different for yourself.

Remember, the desire for change comes naturally. It comes from a willingness and real love to be your best. You don’t need to have a punch up with yourself to make it happen.


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