Can you Be in the Moment

We're taught to "have a plan" and have a "back up plan" and to know everything, yet when does any plan truly go to plan?And what if all the knowledge is actually filling your mind with boundaries.

Have you left room for imagination?
How much of your life do you actually allow to come from the Unknown with delight?

Most people fear the unknown; not knowing where their next pay check is coming from, not knowing when the dream will come to fruition, and will it? Doubting it will. Will the love of my life return or will I ever find someone? Will I be good enough? All these thoughts are projected into the future with so much fear. Situations that don't even exist are thought into existence because of our inability to be with the Unknown. Our wanting to run away the moment we are faced with ourselves. Why?

So much attention is placed on doing, doing, doing. The question is "What should I do?" And such a question is of no support, for it's not that we need to find something to do, it's that we need to start to Be.

As soon as we feel the slightest bit of emptiness we drown our souls in social media, we drink, eat unnecessarily, abuse alcohol or drugs. We engage in the fantasies of our minds and continue to make up more stories and conversations because they entertain our ego more than being in this moment. In this moment, if you are truly here, none of the above exists. Which means, there is nothing (no problem) you need to work out. Because what problem do you have right now, in this very moment that your eyes are devouring these words? Nothing exists but what is in the moment you're in.

In truth, we would all be much more equipped if we could empty our minds, be still and allow for the next step we need to take to move through us. If we could stop trying to work everything out with our head and allow for our heart to provide the path in the time that it's required, gosh it would be a different world. I heard a beautiful quote a long time ago, "If the problem arises, so will the solution." Doesn't that just give you peace of mind to know that you do not need to do anything. The problem came out of the moment and the solution too will arise from the next moment. But the longer you spend in disarray, stress and anxiety waiting for it to come, it won't.
You need to leave room for your heart, intuition, guidance (whatever you choose to call it) to speak through you.

Imagine a world where we're encouraged to Be in this moment and trust that when we "don't know" that it's okay and there's nothing wrong with not knowing. It's okay to simply wait until intuition speaks. For how ever long this takes. Just imagine what that would be like...

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