Do It Just For Fun

Don't forget to do things 'Just For Fun'

It's so easy to get caught up in the daily to-do's. It's easy for life to become a series of monotonous habits - if we let it. It's easy to let our relationships become normal, familiar and unexciting. It's easy to opt out and say "I'm busy".

What's far more rewarding is not choosing EASY. It's FAR more fulfilling to take the scenic route, to spend time giggling with friends, to spend moments with your pets and to take ten minutes to speak to your mother on the phone (even if yours can drive you mad). 

What's far more delicious is a breath of fresh air, a stroll on the sand or a hike up a mountain.

Meditation. Disconnecting from technology, yoga and movement will all bring you closer to yourself.

Taking adventures when you "don't have time" is THE time. Spending a morning lazing in bed or in the sunshine is as valuable (if not more) as going to bed early to conquer the world the next day. A glance out the window (to witness the beauty of the world you live in) in between emails will recharge your soul.

Whatever it is you like to do for fun, JUST DO IT. Don't wait. Because the moments you put things aside add up over time. Eventually, you'll run out of time and moments. Don't look back and wish you HAD MORE FUN! 

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