Friday Takeout with Scott Gooding

The coolest part of interviewing guests on The Monica Kade podcast is that I too immerse myself in the wisdom from each of my guests. 

I wanted to have a way where I was able to share these with you, even if you're too poor on time to listen to the full episode. If you already devour these podcasts then, FRIDAY TAKEOUT will just be an added bonus to consume Food for Your Brain & Soul.



Here are My Top 3 Insights from Ep77. How to Build Your Health Master Plan with Scott Gooding, PT, Nutrition Coach and Author.


1. The simplest way to get healthy in minutes

Ask yourself, “How can I lower inflammation in my body?”
Scott’s philosophy is centred around this question. By becoming aware of inflammation in the body (gas, bloating, belching, stiff joints, skin rashes or disorders, tiredness, blood sugar crashes and spikes—amongst others) you start to become the detective of your health. Noticing the things that you perceive as “normal” enables you to address them through nutrition and realise they are not normal. From here you can start to realise how great you can feel! 

2. Weight loss doesn’t start with exercise

Scott helps his clients shift their approach to exercise by teaching them that training is something you do to optimise health. It’s not a do this and lose weight. With that approach, you stay stuck in the game. You make it a means to an end. His focus is to help you realise that movement, which you love is the best way to boost your health sustainably. 

3. Build a Health Master Plan

Often when making health and nutrition changes a lot of individuals get bogged down on the details, you may have experienced that for yourself. Maybe you’ve been beating yourself up for falling off the clean eating bandwagon or hating on yourself for skipping a work out. When your mind if full of self-hate and negative self-talk, it’s not going to inspire real change.

That’s why Scott encourages his clients to look at building a Health Master Plan. This is where you look at the bigger picture. He gets you to look at what you’re doing most of the time, not the one offs. That takes the pressure off. It gives you space to feel into what your body truly wants to eat and how it wants to move.



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