Sunday, 10th January 2016

Their disengagement does not mean they’re disinterested, simply that they prefer to spend the time they have wisely and purposefully.
Their quietness does not necessarily mean ‘I am angry, sad, moody, unhappy or something is wrong’, it simply means that they enjoy the solitude and the time spent in Being and breathing.
Their perceived detachment doesn’t signify that they are cold or do not care, rather that they understand the ever-changing nature of this life; some things come; some things go.

Sunday, 3rd January 2016

This message is a reminder that you're never alone and you can get through this.... Whatever 'this' is for you.
There are times that our heart speaks louder than our mind. In those very moments we can choose to follow the whispers of heart or follow the head. The heart says, "it's possible" the head says "nonsense". The head is logical, it reminds us of our fears, what could go wrong and what we can lose.