The life of an entrepreneur

Ahh the life of an entrepreneur.

Regardless of the days we want to throw our hands in the air, yell a stream of obscenities and quit upon our crazy-ass dreams, we carry on.

Why? Because the feeling in our hearts is so much stronger than all the set backs. Even when we tell ourselves we quit, we come back the next day or the next hour spurred on by a silent whisper in our hearts that says, "Just try again!" And so we do.

It's the persistence, which drives us to continually dust ourselves off when we get shoved down in the dirt. It's that same persistence that makes the dream in our heart burn with greater intensity.
Entrepreneurs do not bow down to, "No". It's as though we almost do not understand the meaning of these two little letters. It's never "No", it may be "No-for-right-now" or no, because xyz is not yet in place, but we do not hear no. The thing about our entrepreneurial minds is that our ears are apt to listen out for the clues and even if we do come up against a big-fat-no, we still do not give up. 

We take that no and swirl it around and kick it away to find a new direction to get to where we want to go.

We'll take the obstacle course and we'll give it all we've got. Truth is, that feeling of true love and desire to achieve our greatness is too strong to go against. Because if we did, we would feel dead inside.

So to those of you who never quite understood the crazy, relentless and sometimes illogical mind of the entpreneur, now you know.

And those of you, who are one of these crazy, relentless and sometimes illogical people, kudos for being brave enough to follow your truth; your dreams even when no one else can see them.

May you rise into all that you are.


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