The Mantra That Reminds Me, I Can!

I was recently having a conversation with a friend.

We’re both active. We both like to move our bodies. We both like to train. To be honest, I think she’s a machine - she sure gives me a run for my money. The importance she places on movement and exercise is a rare quality. Her consistent attitude to ‘just get it done’, inspires me.

When most people use the excuse of “I’m too tired.” She won’t. 

Instead, she reminds herself this:

“I may be tired, but I’m not incapable.”

The moment I heard this from her it nestled in upon my heart and the words became my own. I fell in love with this phrase and I have used it for myself a number of times since.

I train every morning at 5.30am and the moment The Little Voice popped up, I fired these words at it. It backed down immediately. Another time I was in the middle of a brutal workout and The Voice fired up again, “I’m tired. It’s hard.” And I reminded it very quickly, that ‘we may be tired but we are NOT incapable'. This little mantra has been my ammunition; my secret stash of gas when it feels I’m on empty.

Whenever I hear The Voice tell me, “I’m too tired to lift heavy.” Or I can’t go on. I remind myself, ‘Sure, I may feel more tired or not as strong as other days but I am not incapable.’ 

These words remind me that I am fully body abled. That I am so lucky as to be able to get up and train each day. That I have the potential to push my body and go beyond where I feel my physical capabilities lay. I am stronger than I ‘think’ I am.

My friend, like the rest of us, has days when she may feel tired too. The difference is she reminds herself that she only has this life to conquer once over and she wants to ensure she doesn’t misuse her time or leave anything out before it’s too late.

While I don’t believe in thrashing the body and pushing yourself when you genuinely need the rest, for the most part - ‘tired’ is just something our mind has come up with as an excuse.

We can always do more than we think we can. Always.

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know the difference between true exhaustion and needing to step outside of your comfort zone.

I’m not saying, we all need to follow this mantra, or be like my friend, no. It’s more that I know I want to Be My Best in each moment, so “I may be tired but I am not incapable”, is and will continue to be my secret weapon when the going gets tough.

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