The only thing you Need to Know to have what you Love?

What sits in Your Heart?

Having what you love is very simple, but we complicate it. This is a question that can change every little thing about your life. It's a question that you can ask yourself anytime to realize what it is that you love: 

What is it that sits in your heart?

You see, what you love does not come into your heart to tease you. What you love comes into your heart because it is coming to fruition, if you give it love, if you give it space, if you simply have the courage to acknowledge it.

The problem: You believe that you have to make things happen in your life. Or you fear that what you love won’t happen, but that just gets in the way of what you love coming into your life effortlessly.

The solution: Acknowledge what you love and give it space and patience. There are two ways to manifest what you love into your life: by making things happen, and by allowing them to happen. You don’t need to make things happen, just allow them and your life will be less stressful and more effortless.

Believe it or not, your life story is unfolding according to what you love, but what you love requires space. To give something space is to give it love.

What gets in the way? Need gets in the way because need suffocates what you love. If you’re in need of something, you’re actually saying that you don’t believe it’s possible to have it, or you’re afraid that you can’t. That’s not love. If you’re in judgment of how things are unfolding, that will also get in the way of effortless manifestation. As soon as you label things positive or negative, you may not see the gift that experience is offering you.

Connect with what you love without Expectation.

The more you connect with what's in your heart, rather than needing your circumstances to look a certain way, the less that your circumstances take you away from what's truly important. Ultimately I’ve found that it’s a connection to love, loving others, doing what you love, and allowing yourself to be loved—that are the most important.

Whatever sits in your heart, may you truly acknowledge, embrace, and allow it to be expressed into your life. May you realize that you are the artist of your life canvas, and that painting is a labour of love, just like manifesting your life.

May you remember that you have every opportunity to turn your life into one full of love with every passing moment if you follow your heart.

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BIO: Amir Zoghi is a aerobatics pilot who takes people up in the sky for g-force experiences, like loops and barrel rolls. In his spare time, he works with exclusive coaching groups in Sydney & Melbourne, and he hosts an annual One Retreat to give others a direct experience of how he came to find freedom from needing things, how he uses businesses like a creative art, and how he brings possibilities into his everyday life using Intuition. 

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