A Pep Talk on Moving Forward

Sometimes it’s the very ache in our soul we must tune in to. To those feelings, we have pushed aside for so long because we were afraid of what feeling them would mean. And while fear may attempt to convince us that we must not, we shouldn’t; we must. 

Burying what deserves to be expressed only makes it harder down the track. By releasing the unexpressed in the moment it arises, we free our spirit and dust away the cobwebs. And a moment later, we begin to see a new path forward. 

When you’re taking the road less travelled, it's up to you to clear the path. You must be willing to forge forward and through whatever sits in front of you. Sometimes you’ll do it alone, while other times life will lend you a helping hand. Do not be discouraged when it feels impossible. Although I know you may. Do not turn back toward the familiar, for the familiar is what you have outgrown. Although I know you may. And if you do, draw in one breath, let it fill you to your core and let it out, along with fear and trepidation.

Now, turn in the direction of your true North. Let your inner compass lead the way. No matter how small the step, regardless of the time it takes. Take it.

Clear the path now, so you don’t need to come back and revisit this.


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