Receive the Mind over Matter Challenge for Free!

Welcome to the Mind over Matter podcast mini-series with
Monica Kade and Amir Zoghi; coach and international speaker
on intuition, self-awareness and human potential.

In this 4-part podcast mini series, Amir and I deep-dive into the concept of Mind over Matter and what it really means. We'll discuss how you can harness the power of The MIND and support you to realise that you can transcend your current mindset.

On this journey you'll learn to go beyond your perceived limitations so you can live life with greater power and peace of mind. 


To make the 4-week conversation extra special, Amir has generously offered a voucher to YOU (my community) to participate in his Mind over Matter 4-week challenge - For FREE.
(Normally, $37). All you have to do is enter your details below.

What is the MIND over Matter Challenge exactly:

It’s an opportunity to learn to use more of your mental capacity. "An expanded mind sees expanded possibilities." 

What the MIND over Matter Challenge consists of: 
Amir sets a weekly challenge that will take you outside of your “box” (your current mindset). This allows you to rediscover the true possibilities of a mind that is not set by its limiting patterns and beliefs. 

Every week you will have the opportunity to get together with others who are also part of the 4 week MIND over Matter challenge, as well as his team of specialised facilitators. This will be via an online platform called zoom. 

These session times are; 
Tuesday's: 10.00am | Sydney, Australia (Jamie Gonzalez)
Wednesday's: 7.30pm | Sydney, Australia (Jamie Gonzalez)
Thursday's: 10.30am | Sydney, Australia (Ghazaleh Lowe)


Next Mind over Matter Challenge Start Date: 1st May, 2018.


So, your challenge, should you choose to accept it:
Fill in your details below and join us for something truly life-changing.


I'm in. Let's do this.



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