She Was A Hurricane

I recently had someone sweep through my life very briefly. Temporarily, beautifully; like a hurricane. I know hurricanes may not appear beautiful and they tend to leave destruction in their path, but what they also do is wash away stagnant energy. They effortlessly spill into all crevices and break through closed doors. They tear down the old to bring a new beginning; a newfound you - a greater version of yourself; one you’ve never been. While this hurricane caused no damage, she definitely washed me clean.

What I am coming to appreciate with such a profound love is that people come into our lives for reasons beyond what our mind can always comprehend. Some come in for the long haul, others for cups of tea and others steal a kiss like the wind. Many times people come into our lives as a reflection to show us who we’ve grown into. To show us where we still hold our guard, and to gently assure us, it’s okay to put down our shield. It’s through others we get to see our beauty, our grandness and how wonderful we really are.

On rare occasions, you’ll meet someone that leaves you speechless because when you look a little deeper you realise what you see is yourself. When you catch a glimmer of who you truly are, beyond what you are as your human shell, it’s an unexplainable moment.

In these last few week’s I’ve observed closely how as humans we get too caught up in the stories in our head and forget about paying attention to the experience (and many of times the lesson life is bringing our way).

We get caught up in things working out the way our head says they’re supposed to. We want to own things. Keep things. We panic. We get angry, sad and bitter when the story appears to be going in a way we don’t think it should. We think that we are the problem. That there’s something wrong with us. That if we had said, done or been a different way, then circumstances would have unfolded differently. 

What we don’t see is that there is a bigger picture; a much grander picture unfolding. And if (and this is very, very hard at times) we can be loving and open to receiving what life is delivering and let it go the moment it must dance on out on the breeze, gosh, the love and appreciation that will melt through your body and fill your heart are ineffable. If you can stand in the doorway and smile deeply in your heart as you watch what once was walk out into the horizon, you have won life a thousand times over. You have truly understood what it means to live and love.

After a couple of years of going through a really, really tough personal challenge, which at many times I did not think I would recover from, life recently gifted me a hurricane.

It was only in having the pleasure of this person grace my path that I realised I was now living what I knew. (Except no. 5. The hurricane’s gift).

1. Stand your ground. Know who you are and what you want and do not falter. Do not compromise.

2. Love. Love hard. Love Fully. And the moment you must let go, let go.
And do it with the same amount of love that you gave the moment you welcomed it.

3. Enjoy each moment.

4. If something is yours, you won’t need to chase it - ever.

Before now, these insights I'd come to understand but only through my encounter did they integrate into my soul (I’m sure they’ll continue to with greater depth).

5. Don’t take yourself so seriously (Thank you, for the reminder).

Where I am at this moment, I just want to remind you that every thing, person, experience and opportunity that graces your path is temporary. Even if it lasts a lifetime, it is transient, for we are all but passing through this life. The moment we realise nothing belongs to us is the moment we can truly enjoy and appreciate what is happening. And as our attachments burn away, we can know that we are becoming our true selves. From that space, whatever dream we go after, we can do so with mad love and a sense of humour. And whoever graces our path, we can appreciate them for who they are and what they bring to our moments shared. When we know the light and the shades of grey are all part of the experience, that’s when we know life; that’s when we know Love.

I hope one day you too will experience the sweetness of a hurricane.



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