The Truth about Podcasting

I thought it would be fun to share with you the joys and absurdity of recording podcasts (in case you thought it was as simple as brushing your teeth with your eyes shut). Let me just say, thank goodness I'm a bit techy - probably one of the greatest aspects of my skillset that I've honed over the past 10 years. So here we go...

1. Nailing your intro and finding music that fits as snuggly as that new pair of socks.
2. Having conversations that remind you why you love this so much.
3. Connecting with people who are just on fire with what they do - that shit's contagious.
4. Sitting back after hours of editing and feeling really good about the podcast you just produced.
5. And the absurdities...they are probably the highlights - just maybe not in that exact moment!

1. Being so grateful that visuals are not being recorded, because you are sweating up a storm due to having all windows and doors shut in your DIY recording studio (my office), while it's 30 degrees outside. 2. Being cool, calm and collected - on the outside, yet praying to god that the hissing and clicking sounds, which resemble the alien podcast invasion are not being recorded.
3. Playing back the recording and realising, yep...the aliens in fact were very audible throughout your when you phone your tech guy and pray to the sound god that they have some sort of desktop program called #AlienBusters.
4. Hearing back your laugh in the recording and wondering at what point in your life you became a hyena? (I'd like to thank Garageband for your cutting studio)
5. Finally nailing the instructions to guests to ensure a smooth recording and the best sound, to find yourself detecting a new kind of extraterrestrial activity in the background. It sounds like ET scrunching candy wrappers - the microphone rubbing against the guest's jacket, shirt, neck, hair, shoes...maybe their teeth??? Something! (I think I may have actually stopped breathing for a few seconds)

I could probably go on and tell you many more absurdities, but I'm sure you'd rather scroll through Instagram - ours I hope! ;-)

Thanks for reading!

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