Want Good Health? Talk It Out

Self-expression is the key to becoming a master communicator but it can also skyrocket your overall health and wellbeing. 

The more we learn to express our emotions and feelings daily, the lower our stress levels will be.
Try this out.

1. Refrain from suppressing emotions in disagreements to keep the peace or because you hate and avoid conflict. This breeds anxiety, angst and adds stress to the body. It also negatively affects your relationships.

2. Communicate consciously with the other. Learn to express what you feel without feeling ashamed, disappointed or [insert your feelings here]. Despite what the media says; you don’t have to feel good ALL the time. Life is an experience of both light and shade. Don’t mark the shade as “bad” in your mind. Learning to communicate with purpose and consciously can be challenging in the beginning - especially if you're not used to expressing yourself. That's okay, with practice and willingness to change, naturally this will become easier.

3. Experience emotions for what they are but do not attach further meaning and ideas to them e.g. “I suck; I’m not good enough; I’m such an idiot for doing that”. Beating yourself up will only prolong the circumstances and it’s not a nice way to talk to yourself. If you wouldn’t say the things you tell yourself to someone else’s face — why are you speaking them to yourself?

4. Communicate kindly with yourself. Talk to yourself in the same manner you would with a young child. In challenging moments, seek out and speak with a valued friend/loved one and simply share what you’re going through. By articulating your thoughts and feelings, this immediately leads to a clearer mindset, helps you to see a new perspective or releases some of the heaviness associated with your circumstances.

Bringing mindfulness to the way you communicate with yourself and others is the start of being an effective communicator.

Be willing to observe your emotions from herein and this will support a clearer mind, a happier disposition and reduce stress levels. And that leads to good health! Now, we all like that!


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