We Know the Truth by the Way if Feels

It can be scary to go against what the story is telling us, to override all logic and follow our gut instinct.

However, the more in touch we are with our truth, the harder it becomes to do things as a means to an end. Slowly the things that we take on out of a need for money, or because we think it will grow our business or enhance our lives in some particular way become much too taxing to our soul. They bring out the stress in us rather than the love.

When we are following through on what we love and what is true for us, we are in our centre and there isn’t stress, angst or anxiety.

If something is taking up residence in your mind and creating overwhelm in your body, then maybe you need to step back and ask yourself, “How would I feel if I were to let this “thing” go?”
“How would I feel if I no longer needed to do this?”

We know the truth by the way it feels and our feeling is always guiding us. If a sense of relief or lightness fills you at the thought of no longer doing or pursuing the thing you thought was true for you, well…the answer is staring you in the face.

To be able to follow our feeling over logic can be difficult at times because to the mind it makes no sense. Doing what’s illogical creates uncertainty.

It's the moment when standing at a crossroad of logic and heart, that we must trust our heart knows the way, for if it didn’t it would not have spoken. It’s only our mind, which needs to know “how” it’s all going to unfold.

If we can jump and believe that we will fly, we will. Our heart would not spur us forward to take the leap if we weren’t ready.

We have a choice at this moment to stay confined within our circumstances or connect to our power and recognise the opportunity for growth as it presents itself.

When the door of opportunity is open, it’s at that moment we can choose to walk through it or not…The choice is always there and the decision of which way to go is also ours.

What will you choose for yourself?

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