What are you putting off until later

I wanted to travel more, yet my mind kept telling me it wasn't in the budget - or that I don't have the time now. 

I knew that was a sweet little lie. I knew that was just an excuse my mind was using to keep me small and confined within my comfort zone.

You see, waiting to do what you want to do because of money (or time) will keep you in that space with that story of "When I have this, then I'll go". Or substitute that for when I have this I'll do that. 

No! Start with what you have and start where you are.

If you want to travel, then take a day trip or a drive out to a place close by; a beach or a national park.
Start with organising a picnic with some friends somewhere new.
Explore a part of your neighbourhood you haven't yet seen - unless it's unsafe. #Dontdothat.

It may seem trivial. Your mind may tell you it's not really travelling; ignore that. In going beyond that thought you open your mind. You allow an influx of new ideas, creativity, possibilities and people to enter your vortex. That's when we create space for what we'd really love. 

When we focus on why we can't or the the fact it's not what we really want it to be, we miss the opportunity to find bliss in what we have available to us.

Every sunset and sunrise happens on the same
horizon but it's never the same.

If it's truly important for you to travel and explore then start now, start from where you are. Don't let the idea of how it's suposed to look throw you.

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