What scrubbing a burnt pot has to do with The Moment

You know, it's taken me 3 goes to sit down to realise what it is I was going to share with you this week...and it only just dawned on me when I went downstairs to make a cup of tea, give it some space...and scrub the burnt pot.

The pot. Well, it's been sitting there for a week. I've had a few attempts, with bi-carb, Ajax, dish wash liquid - sponges, scourers, stainless steel scrubbing wool all with little luck - Aside from the fact I think my right bicep has grown.

So why am I sharing this?

Well, here's what hit me in my latest 5minute date with the burnt pot.

It's a process and you approach it bit by bit.

Trying to scrub over the entire area doesn't really make much progress, but if you focus your attention on one area and just do one little bit, then the next little bit it actually begins to create change.

The pot is a metaphor for our own lives. So often when we have challenges or what we perceive to be problems we react and want to fix, change and improve it all in any way we can. Yet, from reaction, there can be no real change. In each moment, we must learn to respond and receive what this thing that has unsettled our world is trying to tell us. As cliche as it sounds, there is a golden nugget beneath the grime. There is something for you to learn and grow from.

We can only move moment-by-moment through life and trying to do it all at once leaves us all depleted and generally less productive with whatever we are facing.

So break whatever sits in front of you (whether it be a personal challenge, work issue, a relationship drama, a goal or dream your working toward or even making a cup of tea) into moments. One action followed by another.


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