White Hot Truth Revealed

Danielle La Porte isn't your cookie cutter girlfriend. Na-uh, now way!
And she definitely ain't the girl in your BFF bandwagon who's a little vanilla - that’s for sure!

Danielle is an intricately layered book of wisdom with a solid sprinkle of honesty, a modest helping of anecdotal laughter bombs; mixed in amongst her White Hot Truth - and let's not forget the hint of love that lingers with her sassy-demure presence.

If your posse of pals doesn't have one of these women in it; then lucky for you, Danielle's made herself available through her latest book, White Hot Truth: Clarity for keeping it real on your spiritual path from one seeker to another.

If you've been searching amongst psychics, therapists, ashrams, the farmer’s market, and your local library for the answer to know yourself; this book may just be your spiritual fire-starter. 

Now, let me be very clear; you will not be given the key to your heart, but this book will remind you of what many teachers, preachers, shrinks and bikini waxers fail to impart:


Danielle's candid, yet vulnerable insights into her own life remind us that while we are human, we are something much greater. We are more powerful than we grant ourselves permission to be.

White Hot Truth isn't your new age bible or a list of ‘must dos’ and ‘have to’s’ for achieving spiritual enlightenment. No, it's a solid kick in the butt that says, you've got this and you always have.

This book takes you on a journey into Self. It reflects back where you've been selling yourself short, so you stop searching for the answers outside of you. Danielle reminds us of the importance of having boundaries, “so you can keep your heart wide open”. She encourages a healthy reality check when it comes to free will and that lover you know you’d be perfect with (if they’d only realise it). Her softness reminds us that some days rock 'n' roll is the perfect remedy for an aching soul, while on other days it’s meditation. Her humble and comedic dialogue serves as a cheer squad chanting; find your voice and use it!

Your White Hot Truth starts with you. It starts now. And it begins with you becoming aware of all the BS ways you've compromised yourself because you didn't believe you were worthy of love. I mean, let's face it, it all comes down to Love.

You can hear Danielle and I talk more on all of the above on this episode of The Moment HQ.

If you do decide to invest in yourself, what you will walk away with is a myriad of insights and reminders that you can pack in your pocket and call on in your darkest moments, when you’re bent like a pretzel in yoga class and even on your morning coffee run. 

If you've been looking for a friend that will remind you you're being stupid, console your heart when you feel fragile and give you the power pep talk as you need it, then grab yourself a copy of White Hot Truth. Because while it's super important to surround yourself with people that encourage you to rise and lift you when you're down, sometimes your speed dial besties are tied up in the elements of their own lives. 

Now with the book in hand (because subconsciously you’ve already bought a copy), when you feel alone or confused or just need a little food for thought you can turn to your White Hot Truth.

Remember, Self awareness is a journey into ourselves, for ourselves and by ourselves. 

And yes, there will be many who walk the path with you, but only you know how to come home to yourself. 

If you're seeking a companion and a guide to walk alongside you, Danielle is a rockstar pick.

                                          Buy White Hot Truth.


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