Why You Must Share Your Story

You have a responsibility to share your story. 

You have lived (however many years) and you have inside you a story that only your heart knows. 

Only you have walked your path. 

Only you have witnessed your most crushing moments and know what they have felt like. 

Only you know that fire that burns so badly for that dream your chasing. 

Only you know the way looking out onto an open sea moves you. 

Only you know what the sound of your child’s laugh does to your soul. Or the way you feel when the hot sun hits your skin and how that first sip of your coffee makes you feel. 

It’s only you that knows the fireworks that happen when you look into the eyes of the one you love. 

Only you know the hell you’ve endured to be the best at what you do. And only you know the moments that make up your adventure book.

You must share your story because if you don’t, you are doing a disservice to yourself and the world.

Your greatest heartbreak and the lessons you’ve learned must be shared, whether that’s to loved ones, a close friend, in a blog post or a goodbye letter. 
Your moments of success must be expressed so that those who come after you know they are not alone on the journey and that whatever obstacles they face, they can get through them. 
The time you experienced the goodness and kindness from another when you had lost hope in humanity, only you know what that felt like and only you can share it.

In YOUR story is the strength that someone needs right now.
In your story is the compassion that someone is yearning to feel.
Your story is the reminder to someone else that they aren't abnormal, strange or the only person to be experiencing something confronting.
Someone out there whispered to themselves quietly asking for a signpost, for guidance and for help. Your story may just be it - but only if you share it.

By sharing your story, you pass down wisdom, love and experience to the generations after you. 
You share your heart with a stranger across the globe, who might be at breaking point. Or maybe, your story will be the very thing that sparks a smile on someone’s face you’ve never met. 

You don’t have to be well-known, rich, an overnight success story, a business owner, or anything in particular to share your story. You just need to be YOU.

Every single one of us has moments of incredible pain that we feel we will never recover from. Everyone of us has at least one moment that brought such love to our lives too.

Your story is worthy. Yes, yours. 

Whether you share that with your business community and industry, with your family and friends, in a little note to a lover or with a stranger while sitting at a bar. You must share your story.

We impact the world even when we think we are not. We make a mark in people’s hearts, whether they know us or not. And whether you know it or not, YOU have turned someone’s life around at one point in your life. Someone out there is smiling; they are putting one foot in front of the other to go after their dreams, move beyond lost love, regain strength from injury, and make a choice to get healthy, get clean, be more resilient or be more open and honest.

Don’t be fooled by the whispers of fear that tell you, you’re unworthy and that you haven't got something to say. You do.

So trust that. Go beyond all that nonsense. 

Sit down with your child, ask them about their day and listen to their story.
Put down your phone and be there while your loved one tells you why they are hurting.
Be there for your client when they need to express their concerns.
Above everything, stand up and be there for yourself to know that you are doing the best you can in each moment and whatever you’re experiencing right now, joyful or challenging, those experiences are the threads of your tapestry being woven into the grandest masterpiece, which is your life.

I encourage you to stop today and look how far you’ve come in your life. Reflect on the people who’ve walked the journey with you. Appreciate what you do have, instead of looking at what you don’t. Take one moment to acknowledge yourself and the good you have brought to the world by simply being in it.

Your life is but one story amongst the millions of others currently playing out and all of us together make this world.

You are alive and participating in the grandest story there is: LIFE.

I encourage you to go on and share your story.

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