Daily Insight #2 - Take The Load Off Your Back

Daily Insight #2

Many of us are carrying loads that we don't have to. Many have baggage that doesn't belong to them. And what's worse is many of us don't listen to the signs and the niggling feeling that says, 'I don't want to do this anymore'. Instead, we think the 'struggle' is part of what we signed up for. The struggle is not. The challenges, well that's something different. Challenges will always be there. But the struggle, that's something we choose.

Sometimes we think a certain career path, a project opportunity or some goal/intention we've set is what we want. Only to realise somewhat down the track, it's not and we're not MADLY IN LOVE with this thing that we are doing. I spoke about this in my Tiny Leaps Series on the final recording, titled 'Passion vs. Mad Love' (take a listen if you haven't) 

This insight is about what happens when we take the load off our back. It's about the space and energy that begins to rush through your life.

Take a listen to the episode and see if maybe you need to 'Take The Load Off Your Back'.