Daily Insight #3 - Is What You're Doing Sustainable

Daily Insight #3

Sustainability is longevity.
Sustainability shows careful consideration, purpose and intention has gone into pursuing or taking action.

Without sustainability, you will falter. You will thrive for a while sure. Until the moment arrives whereby your body will become run down, tired and creative thought will dwindle. You may try to push forward. You may attempt to muster up all you've got and put your foot flat on the pedal - but once you've exhausted the gas, you'll realise you've burnt out.

Health and wellbeing practices must be sustainable.
Career plans and daily work schedules must be adaptable in order to be sustainable.
You cannot plan your day to the minute. Well, you can, however, there will come a point when you'll no longer be able to keep up with the madness.

Life isn't about living to a schedule. Our dreams are not about executing perfectly, on time, every time without failure. No. LIfe is beautifully messy and the less we try to control it the more effortless it becomes.

Rigidity breeds constrained thinking.
Control breeds anxiety, fear, worry and smallness.

Let's not sign ourselves up for limitation. Instead, let us take care of our bodies, listen to our intuition and act accordingly. Take time in your day for you. Take time to work hard for what you want. Take time for play.

No dream was ever achieved by resting on one's laurels but true lasting success isn't built on a shaky foundation. You are the foundation for all that you put out into the world. Make sure you're not skimping on what's required to build a sustainable dream.