Day #45 Tiny Leaps Series - You Will NEVER have to Chase a Love that is Yours

Day 45 of 100

Many of us seek love outside of ourselves. We seek it from the world around us, from relationships, friends, strangers; the idea of success, having certain material possessions and attaining a certain level of recognition.

Tonight’s meditation brought out the deepest love, and also the greatest insight that nestled in amongst my heart.

You may have heard aspects of this all before, yet, I hope that you can put aside what you’ve heard and what you know; so you may feel the message that has moved through me tonight.

If you’ve been trying to get someone to love you or to be with you, this message is for you.
If you’ve been chasing a dream that you think you want, this message may just offer some insight.

May this message reach you at a time when you most need a guiding light or helping hand - and if you’re listening to it, it’s the right time to be hearing it.