Day #57 Tiny Leaps Series - You have permission to quit; but not today!

Day 57 of 100

Today was one of those days where it felt like it was me against the world - well at least me against the thoughts in my world. Because that’s predominantly where our pain comes from; the thoughts in our mind that are trying to convince us that we must “act”, “do” or “fix” a given circumstance because we don’t yet know how to navigate our way through it.

Instead of turning to the world outside of myself, I decided to plug into and find my own strength and my bring about my own courage, which could support me through these moments. Because after all, our challenges are transient. No pain or struggle can last forever (unless we choose for it).

So Day 57 of 100 Tiny Leaps is a message that I hope may be the very thing that encourages you to keep going…do not let your mind defeat you. You’ve got this!

Thanks for listening!


[Image Credit: Tom Oldham]