Day #75 Tiny Leap Series - Each Challenge Is An Opportunity To Dive Deep

Day 75 Of 100

What I've come to truly-deeply realise is that if we're wishing something were another way and are unhappy with the way the current circumstances are, we're missing the lesson. 

I think up until now I haven't truly realised and appreciated the opportunity that comes with each life challenge. I've asked to be my best (and yearn to) and then sometimes when life serves up what looks like a road block, I've failed to tap into creativity and love.

And what I realise today is that in those moments I've totally missed the opportunity. In focusing so much on what I've lost or how I can fix or change the current situation, I've failed to see the gift life just served on a platter.

The gift is the opportunity to dig deeper and stand up taller in a way I haven't as yet. When I'm feeling fear and wanting to act out of panic, I'm not in a state of appreciation. An appreciation of "Wow, I asked for greatness and look how quickly and lovingly life delivered to give me the opportunity to step into that greatness!"

Those moments define our way forward. When we refuse to compromise and allow ourselves to continue on with the same path that no longer serves us or brings us joy, something truly magical happens.

Enjoy! May you realise your greatness through the opportunities life is offering you.