Day #80 Of 100 - Tiny Leaps Series - Stop Asking Why All The Time

Day 80 of 100

Why? Why? Why? 
Why is this happening? 

Too often this little word creeps into our lives and our mind.
And this little word may actually be doing more damage than good.

I feel there comes a point where we must stop asking “Why?” and simply Be in acceptance of what is.

There’s a point where the ‘Why?’ is irrelevant.
If we are always asking “Why?” we fail to leave room for what is and what could be.

The moment we ask a question, our mind will come up with a million reasons why and we pick and choose the ones we deem fit and create a bunch of ideas and stories to answer our why.

Our deepest “Why” doesn’t require a question, it only requires us to find this moment. To Be in stillness. 

For that’s when whatever we truly need to know will present itself.