Day #97 Of 100 - Tiny Leaps Series - Love Hard. Love Fully. And Let Go.

Day 97 of 100

“Whatever comes, let it come. Whatever goes, let it go”

This quote was just hanging around in my mind as I experienced certain emotions today.

Everything changes. Nothing remains the same. Everything is transient.

If we can allow for things to come and go our life can be filled with a lot of love - and a type of love that is free from need and attachment.

So often, we get hung up on wanting things to remain the same. We don’t want change. Yet, in the last few days, I’ve had the opportunity to realise the power in loving hard and not holding on. In loving each aspect of my life as it is and deeply appreciate all that graces my path.

The truth is, no one can ever take a love that is yours away from you. And I’m not only talking about romantic, but also in regards to our health, careers, platonic relationships and connections. Whatever is ours will always remain ours, even if this person, thing or current experience ceases to exist or continue. Because the truth is, the love never came from those things, it was something we experienced within ourselves - and that’s where it will remain. 

So, Love hard. And when the time comes to let go…let go with LOVE.