Ep 2 - Vulnerability - Fiercely Courageous Conversations

We’re super excited to bring you Episode 2 of the
Fiercely Courageous Conversations podcast.

Both Beck and myself, have put a lot of love, thought and energy into series. And, we’d like to thank you for your wonderful responses to our first episode. We truly appreciate your comments and feedback.

In today’s episode we chat about Vulnerability - what it means, why we run away from it and how we can learn to embrace being vulnerable in our lives. Beck and I also share some personal moments where we both had to embrace vulnerability and how it was life-changing and transformative.

We both believe that the answers are within you – and we’re here to help you find those answers and express them in your unique way. 

fierce |fɪəs| - showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity

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