Ep 3 - Courage & Condifence - Fiercely Courageous Conversations

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Fiercely Courageous Conversations podcast with Dr Rebecca Ray and myself, Monica Kade.

Our aim is to provide thoughtful insight around how as women we limit ourselves from truly expressing who we are and how this manifests into our professional and personal lives.

In today’s episode we’ll be talking about Courage and Confidence. We’ll explore what being courageous looks like and talk about how seeking confidence can actually cause more insecurity. Instead we aim to provide insights on how you can be confident in your skin regardless of what is happening in your day.

We both believe that the answers are within you – and we’re here to help you find those answers and express them in your unique way. 

fierce |fɪəs| - showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity

You may already know, but in case you missed this exciting note, Beck’s book, Be Happy: 35 Powerful Habits for Personal Growth and Well-Being is available via Amazon and or any good book store. Let’s support her (and ourselves) and grab a copy of her book!

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