EP 52 Rebecca Ray, Happi Habits

"In the privilege of sitting behind a closed door and having someone be so beautifully vulnerable and tell me their deepest darkest secrets about their pain, I've learned there is not one of us that doesn't suffer. I think knowing that is a far less isolating experience."

- Rebecca Ray, The Monica Kade podcast

Rebecca Ray, is a Writer, Speaker and Clinical Psychologist. And what you may not know is that she also trained to become a commercial pilot. 

Not long ago she was seeking to reach a broader audience than available through one-on-one therapy, and she wrote Happi Habits, a 12-week program based on positive psychology techniques to help as many people as possible shift from surviving to thriving. 

Her first book, You Can Be Happy, hits the shelves in April, 2018 and she is in the middle of writing her second book on living bravely as we speak.


"We are all a combination of healing and healed."

- Rebecca Ray, The Moment HQ Podcast


Learn About:
What inspired her to get into psychology
What she does in her own life to foster happiness
What the Happi Habits program is all about
How the program changes your brain (through neuroplasticity)
Who the Happi Habits program be for
Some key changes Rebecca has witnessed in clients who have gone through the course
What is one of the greatest things she’s learned about herself through her work
What inspired her to write ‘You Can Be Happy’
What will ‘You Can Be Happy’ will address and how will it help you

The Monica Kade Podcast Signature Questions
What moves Rebecca?
What she believes is her greatest asset.
A piece of wisdom that she lives by.
What career she’d like to attempt if not in this one.