Ep 59 Alexandra Franzen - You're Going to Survive

"When we're going through something tough it's easy to feel isolated and think 'everyone else's life is perfect and I'm a flaming pile of garbage'. That's not true. Every single person around you is going through something."

- Alexandra Franzen, The Monica Kade Podcast


My guest today is Alexandra Franzen - and I was super pumped to talk with her because she’s one of my favourite writers. When her newsletter comes into my inbox I stop whatever I’m doing to read them.

Alexandra has been a self-employed writer for about 8 years. She has written several books, including two non-fiction books and two novels. She leads writing classes and retreats, and she's taught in 18 different cities around the world. She runs an online writing class.  works 1-on-1 with clients to help them complete all kinds of exciting projects—from books to podcasts to TEDx talks, and beyond. 

Her newest book is called You're Going to Survive. It's a book about how to deal with discouraging situations in your career, and how to build more resilience and keep marching towards your goals. 

So let’s find out more!

Hear her talk on

How her love for writing all began
What she loves about words
Her favourite things to write
One of her greatest moments of overcoming adversity
Why she felt it was important to write ‘You’re going to survive’
The greatest thing she learnt about herself in writing the book
What she’s learnt about rejection through her life experiences
Her message for budding writers who feel that they can’t make a living out of writing


Signature Questions

What career she’d attempt if she wasn’t in this one?
What she believes is her greatest asset?
What she’s afraid of?
The best piece of wisdom she’s been passed down?