Ep 60 Stephen Feneley - The Career Trajectory of a Highly Respected Journalist

"Be careful [not] to pre-judge." 

- Stephen Feneley, The Monica Kade podcast

Stephen Feneley has worked in and around the media for more than three decades as a journalist, broadcaster and communications consultant. Starting his career on the Sydney Daily Telegraph in 1977, Stephen has reported news and current affairs for all three commercial TV networks, including extensive experience as a correspondent in the U.S. and Asia; worked as a presenter and reporter on various ABC arts programs; and written cultural commentary for various print and online publications, including the Sunday Age and Crikey.

Parallel to his continued work as a freelance journalist & broadcaster, Stephen moved into media training and consulting in 1992. He has coached and advised senior executives in a wide range of global corporations, listed companies, public sector organisations and advocacy groups in Australia, the UK and throughout Europe. Stephen is a seasoned public speaker and moderator of public forums, debates & hypotheticals, and he's produced and directed video content for various corporate & industrial clients. Stephen has also been the presentation director for TEDx since 2014.

He’s had an incredible career thus far and today he’s going to share some personal insights on how he got to where he is today and what the adventure has entailed.



How and where his love for media and journalism began.
Why he left commercial TV, moved away from news and current affairs journalism toward the arts.
His perspective on how journalism has changed today.
His thoughts on social media and storytelling.
The experience of being the Presentation Director for TEDx.
One of the greatest lessons he learned through his career?