Ep 73 - Kim Churchill, Singer-Songwriter & Musician

"My tenacity to achieve my dream was always a few steps ahead of my ability. I wasn’t great in the beginning."

- Kim Churchill, Monica Kade Podcast

Kim Churchill is one of Australia’s rising folk, rock, blues singers. He’s a brilliant songwriter and musician. He’s stolen many hearts and touched many lives through his thoughtful, vulnerable and moving songs. At 27, he’s already released six albums. His journey into music is a fascinating one and what I love most about Kim is his tenacity and determination to continue on his path —even when the going gets tough.

I can say that at 27 years old he’s a very intuitive and insightful young man…and today you’ll get to witness some of this wisdom. 

I felt very privileged to have him share with me his life and career story.

So sit back and take a listen to our conversation. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I did recording it.


Learn About

> The early beginnings. When did he realise he was drawn to music?
> Who have been his support network? Was his family supportive?
> Has he ever wanted to quit and throw in the towel?
> What's the hardest part of putting an album together?
> Has music been a catalyst in his own life for self-reflection?
> Does music help him  navigate the challenging times in his life?
> How he feels about his music career so far?
> What he loves most about performing to a live audience?
> What the reality is of performing live.


Signature Questions

> What Kim is afraid of?
> To Kim, what is a day well spent?
> If he could attempt another career what would it be?
> Sunrise or sunset?