Ep 76. Bondi Guru: Intuitive Horoscopes by Ghazaleh Lowe

Welcome to the final episode of the Monica Kade podcast for 2018.

Today my guest is Ghazaleh Lowe who is a facilitator and the writer behind the much loved Intuitive Horoscopes for Bondi Guru

Ghazaleh has 20 years facilitation experience behind her and has been writing the Intuitive Horoscopes for 11 years.

The Intuitive Horoscopes are written to serve as small daily reminders that support you to be in the now of your life. They're NOT based on astrology. So if you're not into star signs, I assure you, this is something completely different.

As a subscriber myself, for many years the daily, monthly and yearly Intuitive Horoscopes have served me as a beacon of light when I most needed it, as inspiration and something I look forward to receiving every-single-day as a piece of content I consume that brings me closer to myself and being my best. They're the perfect reminder of what truly matters.

If you’re not familiar with the Intuitive Horoscopes, I encourage you to listen to our conversation and afterwards subscribe for FREE at BondiGuru.com and follow Ghazaleh on Instagram @BondiGuru


What you’ll learn about

- Ghazaleh’s journey. How it all began. Where she started and how the Intuitive Horoscopes came to fruition.
- How Bondi Guru came about and how it became home to the Intuitive Horoscopes.
- What are the Intuitive Horoscopes and how does Ghazaleh write them?
- Not based on astrology, she shares how she knows what to write.
- Ghazaleh shares how she’s nurtured certainty and trust to know that whatever the message is for each star sign, she doesn’t question it, nor judge it.
- The most significant way the Intuitive Horoscopes have supported Ghazaleh
- The Yearly Intuitive Horoscopes: what they are, what they’re about and how they can support you—and WHY they are different to previous years.

Signature questions

- If she could attempt another profession what would Ghaz like to try?
- What she believes is her greatest asset?
- What’s the greatest piece of wisdom she’s been given?
- Sunrise or sunset? Why?