Ep 85. Ren McGann, Big Wave Photographer - Live outside your comfort zone

 “It’s that rawness of being in the moment. There’s just so much going on around you. Your focus is so pinpointed…I find it so relaxing.”

- Ep85. Ren McGann, The Monica Kade Podcast

Ren McGann's and my path collided via Instagram. I very quickly fell in love with his big wave photographs and it wasn't long before gut instinct urged me to get him on the podcast show. I follow A LOT of wave photographers but over the years, nothing has moved me in the way his photography has. We got to chatting, and the more I found about him through his website and the other media articles that have featured him, the more I wanted to know.

His down-to-earth nature, coupled with a genuine love for making connections and bettering the lives of those who cross his path really stood out for me. And so, this week I’m stoked to welcome Ren to Episode 85 of The Monica Kade podcast.
He’s a Western Australian photographer specialising in big wave photography. He’s always had a fascination for big waves and extreme weather. His first trip to ‘The Right’—one of the biggest wave spots in the world—sparked his passion for photography and dramatically changed the direction of his life. He went from being a commercial mariner for 10 years, running all sorts of vessels out of Exmouth in eco-tourism, fishing, oil and gas, cray-fishing amongst others to immersing himself amongst mother nature's gnarliest yet magnificent waves and keenest surfers. If you haven’t seen his photography, you must. I’m a huge fan of big and burly waves, but Ren’s photos capture more than a wave. They’re imbued with something I just can’t put into words.
I honestly loved this conversation with Ren and I hope you do too. 


Learn About:

- What inspired him becoming a mariner?
- What he loved most about that part of his life
- The mental challenge of breaking out of a good life and staying where he was
- What the quote on his website, “We find ourselves through exploration” means to him
- When and how his interest in photography came into focus
- What it’s like to see the world through his eyes as a photographer
- How he knows when the perfect moment is to take the shot
- What he loves most about big waves
- What he’s learned about himself through photographing big waves
- The down low on what it’s really like for those of us who haven’t experienced being in the ocean around these waves?
- What his fascination with waves is
Plus much more!


Signature Questions:

Sunset or sunrise?
What career he’d like to attempt if not in this one?
What Being his Best looks like to him?