Ep108. Why Illness Is A Call Back to Your Authentic Self with Dr Carolyn Coker Ross

"Illness is a call of action. It’s a call from the deepest part of ourselves; the authentic part of us. That authentic part is calling us to come back home, and calling you to be who you were designed to be."

- Dr Carolyn Coker Ross, Ep108. The Monica Kade Podcast



Welcome to Episode 108 of the Monica Kade Podcast. Today our guest is Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross, CEO of The Anchor Program who is an integrative doctor specialising in eating disorders and addictions. She’s one of Denver’s Top Eating Disorder Specialists.

She’s authored two books, and recently, she launched The Anchor program, a proven, medically-supervised program that treats compulsive overeating, emotional eating and binge eating disorders.

What I love about Carolyn is her great love for what she does, and how this filters through the care and determination she has for making a difference in the lives of those who suffer from addictions of various kinds. Her holistic and grounded approach is what sets her apart from many traditional doctors and facilities; and this is what you’ll hear about in this chat.

Learn About

When she knew she wanted to become a doctor
The special relationship she had with her grandmother
What led her down the path of integrative medicine
What she finds most rewarding about supporting people through eating disorders and food addictions
Why Carolyn started The Anchor Program
What she love most about it
How her approach changed over the years
The most rewarding aspect of her work 

Signature Questions

What career she’d attempt if not in this one
What she believes is her greatest asset
A piece of wisdom she lives by