Ep99. Don't Listen to Fear, Express Your Joy with Boitumelo Theepe, OWLAG Series

"Sometimes you're given the challenge to show others it can be moved."

- Boitumelo Theepe, Ep99. The Monica Kade Podcast


Here we are. The final episode in the OWLAG series, Ep99. Don't Listen to Fear, Express Your Joy with Boitumelo Theepe.

Boitumelo Theepe has a warmth and gentle nature that was so evident the moment we connected. And yet, what resides beneath those qualities is a fierceness to go after what her heart desires. Boitumelo was the first alumni of OWLAG to graduate with a medical degree, which is a true testament to her innate ferocity.

She grew up in Soweto, and as part of the academy's inaugural class, she excelled in science and was an active member of multiple student societies, including public speaking and debate.  

Before we knew her as Dr Theepe, Boitumelo completed her medical training at Stellenbosch University, graduating in 2018. At Stellenbosch, she sat as a member of the undergraduate research committee and pioneered the development of the campus gospel choir. She was one of the recipients of the prestigious Envisionit Bursary Fund, and a keynote speaker at their fundraising Gala dinner in 2018, an event aimed at empowering young people to pursue a university education. 

Currently, she is practicing medicine at a renowned hospital in Cape Town, known for having carried out the world's first heart transplant. 


  1. What life was like being raised by her grandmother
  2. The principles of Ubuntu and how she lives by these today
  3. How and why she applied to OWLAG
  4. What it felt like to be accepted and what it meant for her
  5. How she feels about being the first OWLAG alumni to become a medical doctor
  6. When was the seed of becoming a doctor planted in her heart
  7. How she hopes to change the world through her profession
  8. Her greatest life lesson or ‘Aha!’ moment from studying at OWLAG
  9. Her advice to those listening who have a dream but are afraid to pursue it
  10. The greatest thing Boitumelo learned about herself through her education experience
  11. What she would most like to ask Ms Winfrey if they sat down together for tea


Signature Questions

1. Sunset or sunrise, and why?
2. What Boitumelo is afraid of?
3. What piece of wisdom she’s been passed down that she lives by?