Nick Bowditch, Wired for Wonder

“I think whatever is happening in the present moment is the best antidote.”

- Nick Bowditch

Nick Bowditch is the only person in the Asia-Pacific region to have worked at both Facebook and Twitter, and the only person in the world to have worked in marketing at both brands. He is a successful (and unsuccessful) entrepreneur and a thought-leader in social media globally.

He works extensively in the startup ecosystem in Australia and internationally as both an advisor and investor, inspiring others to create and build businesses that use authentic storytelling, and have empathy, a focus on social contribution and kindness at the core. Having battled with depression and addiction himself, Nick is also passionate about raising awareness for mental health by sharing his personal story.

Nick is also a husband and Dad to a small tribe near Sydney where he and his wife Kelly have four children under 7 years old.

We have a chat about what fuels his creativity and what it means to be in the moment. Nick candidly shares how his journey has supported him to be the person he is today. We talk on stepping away from fear and worry, recognising our unsupportive thoughts and ways to navigate the tough times.

And finally, Nick shares tips on how you too can step away from the hustle and step into the moment.

A great conversation to remind us about WHAT REALLY MATTERS.

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