Sunday, 11th August 2019

“You live a very, very different life when early on you begin to see that self-care is not extra credit. It’s not that spa treatment you treat yourself to once a year. Self-care is constantly evaluating if something is good for you or not—if something feels good to you or not.”  

— Sheri Salata, Ep101. The Monica Kade podcast 

Tuesday, 25th June 2019

"Everyone is obsessed with calories. Calories are just a measurement of energy. If we focused on nutrients and not calories we wouldn’t have
this obsession with weight, and probably have a healthier population
of people.  Let’s just eat the foods that don’t cause ill
health and not eat everything else."

- Dr Robert Zembroski, Ep100. The Monica Kade Podcast


Wednesday, 19th June 2019

"Sometimes you're given the challenge to show others it can be moved."

- Boitumelo Theepe, Ep99. The Monica Kade Podcast


Here we are. The final episode in the OWLAG series, Ep99. Don't Listen to Fear, Express Your Joy with Boitumelo Theepe.

Tuesday, 11th June 2019


“You need to push yourself because when those doors open,
they fling open and if it’s not a door that’s open, there’s a window you can squeeze into usually.”

- Gugu Malope, Ep98. The Monica Kade Podcast


In Episode 98 of The Monica Kade Podcast we talk to Gugu Malope, our fourth conversation in the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls series. 

Tuesday, 4th June 2019

"There's always going to be some people who waste opportunities and some that grasp them."

- Ep97. Masego Mothei, The Monica Kade Podcast


In Episode 97 of The Monica Kade Podcast we talk to Masego Mothei, our third conversation in the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls series. 

Monday, 27th May 2019

"Failure is not a bad thing...In the process of dreaming and living out your dream, you are going to come across roadblocks. But understanding at that moment that 'hey, this is a lesson' take a step back and figure out what that lesson is so you don't have to encounter it later in the future."

- Andronica Klaas, Ep96. The Monica Kade Podcast

Friday, 17th May 2019

"Something that comes falsely with women being leaders is that you always have to put up this face and be strong and tough. The school created a space where we could just be vulnerable with each other. We could just be ourselves and share in each other's stories."

- Avukile Zoya, Ep95. The Monica Kade Podcast


Tuesday, 7th May 2019

"I realised, I'm comfortable. I'm too comfortable. I'm comfortable in my lifestyle, in my self...For me, life is experienced outside of your comfort zone...This Love Experiment has put me outside my comfort zone."

- Amir Zoghi, Ep94. The Monica Kade Podcast

In Episode 94 of The Monica Kade Podcast I sit down with International Speaker, Coach and Aerobatic Pilot, Amir Zoghi.

Tuesday, 30th April 2019

“…The energy of your star sign impacts you on so many different levels that if you read it and go, ‘I don’t get it?’, you’re so far away from yourself.

—Ep93. Ghazaleh Lowe, The Monica Kade Podcast


Welcome to Episode 93. Bringing What's Unconscious to The Forefront on The Monica Kade Podcast.

Tuesday, 23rd April 2019

"My overall mission isn’t to have people lose weight or fit into a certain amount of macros, but I want them to feel the love for the kitchen that I do.”

- Liv Kaplan, Ep92 The Monica Kade Podcast


Episode 92 of The Monica Kade Podcast was a riot to record. My guest was Liv Kaplan, nutritionist and passionate foodie with a keen eye for all things health and wellness.