Monday, 3rd July 2017

Day 49 of 100

What if I told you that everything you see is the imagined…
What if everything you think you are; you are not…
What if the people in your life weren’t really who you think they are but rather players in your game?
What if I told you that you aren’t really you?

The truth is we limit ourselves by identifying ourselves.
We lose freedom the moment we try to control what we think is happening.

Sunday, 2nd July 2017

Day 48 of 100

How often do you stop to truly appreciate the ones you love?
How often are you leaving the moment that you’re in because you feel the problems or to-do’s outside of that moment are worth more of your attention; even if in that moment they only exist in your mind?

This message is a reminder to remember Our time in this life is LIMITED.
The relationships, the moments, the people, the circumstances - all things are transient and fleeting.

Saturday, 1st July 2017

Day 47 of 100

The mind always "thinks" it knows best.

Yet, the body encases the heart and speaks the truth. Our body communicates through instinct; it intuitively knows what it needs in every moment. It will always show us where we hold angst, pain or conflict - if we choose to listen and feel into it. The issue only happens when we disregard what we feel because it doesn't make sense (to the mind); or it seems irrational (to the mind).

Saturday, 1st July 2017

Day 46 Of 100

Each time we subject ourselves to doing something that's not true for us or something we are half committed to out of loyalty, fear of the unknown, "thinking" we need the money and so on...we actually pull ourselves further away from our centre. We move further away from creativity and allowing what is true for us to make its way into our lives.

Thursday, 29th June 2017

Day 45 of 100

Many of us seek love outside of ourselves. We seek it from the world around us, from relationships, friends, strangers; the idea of success, having certain material possessions and attaining a certain level of recognition.

Tonight’s meditation brought out the deepest love, and also the greatest insight that nestled in amongst my heart.

You may have heard aspects of this all before, yet, I hope that you can put aside what you’ve heard and what you know; so you may feel the message that has moved through me tonight.

Thursday, 29th June 2017

Day 44 of 100

We do not need to try and control everything. In fact, the moment we release control we allow a great force to come through.

When we loosen the grips on control, we fall into the flow...and if you're listening to this podcast then you most likely know that's an easier space to live from. 

All we must do in each moment is trust that all highways and detours have purpose. We must not judge our emotions, our paths and the twists and turns that our life takes us on. Our only job is to BE HERE and move consciously moment by moment.

Tuesday, 27th June 2017

Day 43 Of 100

In this episode of 100 Tiny Leaps I share with you a game that I coach 7-9 year olds and how this game is SO applicable to our individual lives.


This game is a reflection of how we choose to direct the story of our own life. I mean after all, we're the director of our own life story right?! 

Tuesday, 27th June 2017

Day 42 Of 100 

Sometimes there's this big space that opens up within us; sometimes that may also be a space in our physical lives - for example, leaving an old job, moving to another country or neighbourhood, selling our possessions or finally letting go of a very painful situation.

The space that opens up in between or after something is a sacred space. Why? Well you'll have to listen to today's message.

Monday, 26th June 2017

Day 41 of 100

The benefits of taking time out - or pressing pause - on your every day to-do lists is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

The rewards we reap from sitting, doing nothing, pondering and immersing ourselves in nature will open our hearts up, clear the mind and allow for creativity to flow through, so we can find the solution to that so called "problem" or realise what the next step is.

Saturday, 24th June 2017

Day 40 of 100

Children, animals and babies have the ability to take us so deeply into the moment if we allow ourself to truly Be with them.

I met my little nephew for the first time today and have fallen in love with how precious he is.

His innocence along with the factors currently taking place in my life reminded me of the importance of PLAY and to engage and experience all that I love.

Go get your PLAY on!