Thursday, 10th August 2017

Day 84, 85, 86 of 100

In our technologically connected world we can sometimes start living our lives as though everything we’re doing, we HAVE to do because if we don’t the world will fall apart.

These last few days that I took time off social media, recording, uni and work really allowed me to see how much tension and stress that my body had been under. It allowed me to realise that regardless of what is happening in my world and what is currently on my plate, nothing is more important than my health and wellbeing.

Sunday, 6th August 2017

Day 83 of 100

Is how you think you look actually what you look like? Or is the image of yourself in your mind how you perceive yourself and somewhat skewed?

Everything is a projection in our mind. And this insight is a reminder to stop berating yourself, to be a little kinder and to maybe challenge the picture of yourself that you hold in your mind. You’re far greater.


Sunday, 6th August 2017

Day 82 of 100

As a society yes, there is the Tall Poppy Syndrome - especially in Australia. However, as a society we’re also all rooting for each other. When we see someone step into their greatness we cheer them, we are moved by them and we want them to do well.

Today’s message was inspired by a Facebook video I shared last night from Britain’s Got Talent.

A great reminder for us all, to keep our head up, heart strong and focus on what we love, keep at it and become the greatness that we truly are!

Saturday, 5th August 2017

Day 81 of 100

Whatever it is that you love, the thing that you find yourself through and the thing that teaches you most about yourself - that’s what you can master.

We’ve each got something we’re dedicated to and that thing, whether it’s being a great mum, a great athlete, a great employee or awesome boss or a writer, painter, singer and so on - those things carve us into the human beings we want to be.

Find something you love and dedicate yourself to it.


Thanks for listening.

Thursday, 3rd August 2017

Day 80 of 100

Why? Why? Why? 
Why is this happening? 

Too often this little word creeps into our lives and our mind.
And this little word may actually be doing more damage than good.

I feel there comes a point where we must stop asking “Why?” and simply Be in acceptance of what is.

There’s a point where the ‘Why?’ is irrelevant.
If we are always asking “Why?” we fail to leave room for what is and what could be.

Thursday, 3rd August 2017

Day 79 of 100

When was the last time you went of an unplanned adventure?
When was the last time you broke your daily habit?
When did you last do something you normally wouldn’t do?

Whether it’s taking a different route to work, exploring a new hiking trail or having dinner at a new restaurant, there’s a real power in making the unfamiliar a part of our daily lives.

When everything becomes familiar, we can get stuck in our ways. Our creativity can become stifled and we may simply fall into the monotony of living.

Tuesday, 1st August 2017

Day 78 of 100

The more we focus inward the more we make choices that are true for us.

The more our attention falls on what we'd love, the greater that love grows.

The more we focus on what makes us come alive and what brings us true joy; the greater and more fruitful our world becomes.

It's only when we focus on what other people think, or on what we "think" other people want that we lose ourselves and extinguish our own fire.

Monday, 31st July 2017

Day 76 & 77 of 100

You can rest when your body calls for it; or you can override it and keep "hustling" until you crash and burn.

You can take time out and appreciate every second; or you can sit there stressed, trying to solve a problem.

You can follow what you feel over what your mind says you "should" do; or you can not.

You have a choice in each moment to choose the thing that brings you closer inward and to being at peace within - or not.

It's your choice. What will you choose?


Sunday, 30th July 2017

Day 75 Of 100

What I've come to truly-deeply realise is that if we're wishing something were another way and are unhappy with the way the current circumstances are, we're missing the lesson. 

I think up until now I haven't truly realised and appreciated the opportunity that comes with each life challenge. I've asked to be my best (and yearn to) and then sometimes when life serves up what looks like a road block, I've failed to tap into creativity and love.

Friday, 28th July 2017

Day 74 of 100

Today's episode is a sharing that came about from teaching an acting class.

A short and succinct message that reminds us of the power of calm.

Thanks for listening.