Interview Confidence Masterclass

Want to interview like Oprah, podcast like Tim Ferris or host like Marie Forleo?
- It's for anyone who wants to be more confident in an interview setting. 

In today’s very connected digital world, everyone has the chance to be a presenter and interviewer.
In fact, interviews amongst the business community have become a very prevalent ‘thing’ to do.
(This wasn’t the case when I first started out - not in the capacity you see now.) 

Does that mean everyone is great at interviewing, hosting and presenting? No.
Like any professional skill; it is an artform. And if you want to be GREAT and capture your audience’s attention,
then learning how to master this craft is essential.

Whether it’s for work, your own business interviews, job interview or you just want to develop your communication skills, I’d love to help.


CLASS COST: $15+gst  |  MONDAY 8TH JULY  | 7pm-8pm AEST



I’m Monica Kade and I’ve been interviewing for 13 years, since I started my first business at 20,
an online magazine, which I ran in Sydney and Melbourne in 2006, before moving to NYC
and starting a career interview blog, which I ran for 3 years. 

My career trajectory has shifted across magazines, media, publishing and communications but the one thing that’s always been
consistent has been interviewing. Whether for print, YouTube, podcasts, TV or other digital media...bringing out the best of
my guest and ask great questions is something I have learned to master over the years.

Since then, I’ve gone on to produce a successful podcast interviewing some of the most influential
thoughts leaders and creative minds in the world.


Over the years I’ve interviewed:

Lewis Howes, Gabrielle Bernstein, Lisa Messenger, Christine Hassler, Kate Northrup, Danielle La Porte, Guy Kawasaki,
JP Sears, Dr John Demartini, Nora Gedgaudas, Luke Hines, Pete Evens, Scott Gooding, John Noble, Ben Lee,
The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, Kim Churchill, Dr Rebecca Ray and many many more.


This online masterclass caters for professionals who wish to improve their interviewing
skills for live panels, online video interviews, podcasts, radio and TV.

- Maybe you’re seeking to be more confident when presenting in front of camera.
- Maybe you simply want to be a better speaker and presenter. 
- Maybe you want to better your interview skills so your content stands out and impacts your audience.
- You could just want to ace your next job interview!

If you’re looking to:

- Improve your presenting and interview skills
- Learn to speak with poise, clarity and purpose
- Learn to communicate your message effectively
- Build your confidence
- Master stage presence and body awareness (learn how to use your body onstage, on camera etc.)
- Learn about voice projection, pace and tone
- Discover the power of stillness
- Establish your online presence using video content, podcasts or webinars
- Prepare yourself for online interviews, media interviews, radio and TV
- Create social media video content




- Learn how to prepare for interviews
- Discuss the power of questions
- Identify individual habits that hold you back from being an effective communicator/speaker.
- Offer specialised activities and techniques that will help you speak with confidence.
- Show you techniques for overcoming stage fright or feeling star struck by your guest.
- Teach you key aspects of presenting naturally.
- Increase your confidence in multiple settings (onstage, in front of the camera, on podcasts and more)
- Arm you with techniques to conquer nerves, stress, anxiety and fear that you can draw on in any moment (not just when presenting a talk)
- Awareness around the power of listening
- Awareness of your body language 

And much MORE! 



I have trained as an actor/presenter for 15 years. I was accepted into the Atlantic Theatre Company in New York City (founded by William, H. Macy and David Mamet). I have trained under some of Hollywood's best acting coaches. My Australian tuition includes NIDA, On Camera Connections, Screenwise, Private and group coaching with John Noble (Lord of the Rings, Elementary, Fringe, Sleepy Hollow) and his daughter Samantha Noble (Gabriel, Fringe, All Saints). Since 2015, I have taught Screen and Stage acting for children, teens and adults at PointBreak Drama on the Northern Beaches (and still do). I've also worked on professional projects doing voiceovers for radio, TV commercials and acted in a handful of feature and short films. I also host The Monica Kade iTunes podcast show with 16,878 global listeners. And I have 13 years experience interviewing.

You can read ‘Words of Appreciation’ from some of the people I’ve interviewed below.


"Thank you Monica for your poise, presence, and keen eye for quality questions. Your interview was inspiring."
- Dr John Demartini, International Best Selling Author, The Values Factor



“Like me, Monica is inspired by entrepreneurial zest and creativity and wants to help people – all people – to connect with their inner ‘why’ and find their true purpose. With her signature honesty and uncensored candor, Monica reminds us that life is a journey and sometimes when progress feels slow, it is still happening.” - Lisa Messenger, CEO Collective Hub



“I’ve been interviewed by Monica a couple of times and we’ve shared many deep belly laughs coupled with deeply insightful conversation. Monica knows how to connect with her guests in a way that very few presenters and journalists have the capacity to. She genuinely cares about sharing her guests message and I believe she makes a great teacher for anyone wanting to harness their interviewing skills. Her audience is highly engaged and hangs on every word, anything we’ve ever done has been well received.”
- Jack Delosa, Founder of The Entourage 


“Of all the interviews I’ve participated in, Monica’s was by far and away the most rewarding and enjoyable. Her easy, conversational style, coupled with thoughtful, insightful, and unique questions allowed us to reach a depth of connection I have not experienced with other interviewers. It made for a valuable podcast and lots of positive feedback from our respective audiences.”
- Dr Rebecca Ray, Clinical Psychologist, Author, Speaker



 "Working in an industry immersed by many entrepreneurs - and being interviewed regularly, it’s easy to spot a professional who has mastered their craft. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Monica for her iTunes podcast show and her genuine interest and desire to bring out the human story is a rare quality. She makes for an exceptional professional to learn from for anyone who wants to become a powerful interviewer.”
- Nathan Chan, CEO, Foundr Magazine





The BUILD INTERVIEW CONFIDENCE MASTERCLASS is a 1hour fun, interactive and informative masterclass held over online conferencing platform Zoom. 

1. In this masterclass I’ll tell you about my WORST ever interview with an American celebrity and how it was an epic fail—back when I was still very young and inexperienced. 

2. I’ll share my interview preparation process.

3. I’ll give you the MOST important tip of interviewing that will get you through any interview for the rest of your life. It’s so simple and yet, most people don’t do it. It’s what separates the best interviewers from the rest.  

And you can ask me anything about landing interviews with high profile people, developing your own area of expertise for interviews or just learning how to show up and be great for your next job or meeting! 



Date: Monday 8th of July, 2019

Time: 7-8pm AEST

 (If you book and can't make the call, you'll receive a recording
of the masterclass to watch when you're free!) 

Location: The class is an online class held via Zoom.
You'll need to download the app on your desktop or phone to attend. 
It's free. Do it here


Event link will be sent with a couple short questions
from me personally, upon booking.

"Over the course of my career I’ve been interviewed by countless members of the media, journalists and professionals. I’ve also had the pleasure of being interviewed by Monica on numerous occasions. In drawing on both experiences, I can honestly say that Monica possesses a natural gift for connecting to the heart of her guest and bringing out their best. Her years of interview experience coupled with her thoughtful and purposeful questions make her an exceptional interviewer."

- Christine Hassler, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Life Coach


“Monica is an amazing interviewer! I love her relaxed and down-to-earth style. There is certainly a lot of laughs to be had with Monica on set!”
- Franziska Iseli, Director, Basic Bananas




"I've worked with Monica on several occasions over the past 5 years, and she is always a pleasure to deal with. Very authentic and professional. Monica is an excellent interviewer, with a beautiful manner about her, and has always made me feel very comfortable."
- Sarah Riegelhuth, CEO Wealth Enhancers, Co-founder League of Extraordinary Women





 Can't make this masterclass? Email me and let's talk about some other options.


$16.50 AUD