Ep 62 Karin Taylor - How animal therapy is changing lives

"My 11th grade science teacher proceeded to crush my dreams of
being a veterinarian. He told me there'd be too many
veterinarian's and I wouldn't have a job."

- Karin Taylor, The Monica Kade podcast


In Episode 62 we’re talking with renowned philanthropist Karin Taylor, who is making an incredible difference in the lives of those with special needs, foster children, veterans, and at-risk youth through her profound equestrian therapy programs, sensory petting zoo, ranch tours, and horse riding lessons and clinics. 

Karin owns and operates the jaw-dropping Weisberg Stables in Southern Florida, a 20-acre oasis for over 150 animals including mustangs, pigs, rabbits, chickens, tortoises, goats, ponies, emus, and adorable wallabies - not to mention, she’s also a mother of 5 (children)!


In this conversation you’ll learn about:

>  When Karin realised her great love for animals
>  Her background growing up and the unexpected detours
>  How losing her 6th child was the catalyst to starting her dream
>  How Unbridled Power, an equine assisted learning horse therapy program tis changing the lives of veterans, disabled youth, and children develop critical life skills
>  Some incredible facts on the power of horses and chickens on healing 


If you would like to find out more about Weisberg Stables click here.