Ep 64 Rosie Mansfield - Realistic nutrition: what to eat

“I want to represent the every-day person…and the everyday person doesn’t have a cupboard of superfoods.”

- Rosie Mansfield, The Monica Kade podcast 

Welcome to Episode 64 with Rosie Mansfield as our guest. Rosie is a nutritionist who started her career with the drive "to be the most realistic nutritionist in the universe". You may have also seen her on Ch10’s Good Chef, Bad Chef TV show. Aside from good food and helping others with their nutrition she has a great love for the ocean, surfing and paddle boarding. Her new book, Food Hacker comes out in July 2018.  

“We need to become conscious of what
we’re eating before we get unwell.”


In this conversation learn about:

- Why Rosie became a nutritionist.
- What her personal food philosophy is.
- One of her greatest insights on her health journey?
- Whether there is a one-size fits all when it comes to food?
- Where you can start with your health and nutrition choices today.
- Why she wrote Food Hacker?
- The role meditation plays in her life.
- The best way to get in tune with your body after having been absent for many years. 

Signature Questions:

- What moves Rosie?
- What she’s afraid of?
- If she weren’t in her current career, what she’d like to attempt?
- Her signature meal?