Ep 66 - Kait Rich, You can choose your life

“When we step back and look at our priorities and know that we're choosing, then we have the option to choose something different. Otherwise, we spend our whole lives feeling like a victim to our circumstances.”

- Kait Rich, The Monica Kade podcast

Meet Kait Rich. This delightful woman is a coach, speaker and luxury travel nomad supporting creative female entrepreneurs who want to live flexible lifestyles and experience the ultimate freedom — freedom from limiting beliefs that hold them back from the big game they were born to play. 

Kait grew up in Canada and started her career like many other ambitious women, climbing the corporate ladder, first as a broadcast journalist and then as a political speech writer and communications advisor. When Kait’s type-A drive pushed her too far, and she was diagnosed with debilitating rheumatoid arthritis, she was faced with a choice: continue burning the candle at both ends for a miserable life she was “supposed” to want and risk not having her health... Or start again. So she quit her job, packed up her life and began travelling the world full-time, working with thousands of professionals in more than 12 countries. 

Fast forward 7 years later, Kait runs Adventuress Experience, a year-long intensive online and retreat program for female entrepreneurs and professionals in transition, who feel stuck, stagnant and want more for their lives and businesses. 


In our conversation you’ll learn about :

> How Kait came to starting Adventuress Experience.
> What she loves about travelling?
> What’s been one of her greatest lessons she’s learnt through health problems?
> The difference she sees in coaching, consulting and therapy.
> What drives her about the work she does today.
> Self judgement, perception, perfection and taking action and how these impact your life.
> The power of choice and are you aware of what you’re choosing.