Ep 68 - Sara Phillips, Singer-Songwriter

“When I’m in the studio or writing at home, singing at home…it’s my peaceful place. It’s where I go to be peaceful and mindful.”

- Sara Phillips, The Monica Kade podcast


Originally from Montreal, Canada, Sara Phillips is an independent, pop/soul singer-songwriter now living in Los Angeles, California. 

I discovered Sara while musing through Instagram — and I’m so glad I did. Her songs House on Fire andTry have stolen my heart (and seem to play on repeat in my head when least expected).

I was struck by Sara's sweet and down-to-earth nature. Her warmth and thoughtful answers during our conversation made our chat a blast. And, she loves Australian Singer-Songwriter Missy Higgins. I think that garnered the beginning of a beautiful bond between us. [laughs]

She has a very popular YouTube Channel. A loyal Instagram fan base; plus she’s work with Grammy-nominated Mike Daley and Mitchell Owens on The Boy Who Let Me Down

This young woman is one to watch! Take a listen to our conversation. 

Learn About:

> When did Sara realise she wanted to pursue music
> Was she supported by friends and family
> What she loved most about living and performing in NYC
> What inspired her to leave the Big Apple and move to LA
> How singing makes her feel
> She shares her songwriting process and what it looks like
> The most challenging part of her journey so far
> Learned lesson and advice to aspiring musicians
> The musician she’d like to work with in the near future

Signature Questions

> If she wasn’t in the music biz what’s a career she’d like to attempt?
> What scares Sara?
> What’s a piece of wisdom or a motto she draws on in tough moments?