Ep 7 - Being Enough

Episode 7 of the Fiercely Courageous Conversations series is tackling that big topic "Being Enough". It seems to bother a huge part of society so we decided to start talking about it.

Being enough seems to be a crippling factor when it comes to going after our dreams, putting ourselves and our work out there and also can spurs feelings of inadequacy in our relationships. So why do we feel this way? What do we do about it? And can we shift this?

Beck and I are here to dissect this fear and help you realise you are enough!

This month we’d like to encourage you to share this episode with at least one person in your life.

Being Enough is a topic that affects many women (and men) and we’d really like to share this with as many woman (and men) as possible! 

Help us spread this message. We’d really appreciate your act of kindness. It could help change the life of one woman (or man) that you know.