Ep 70 - Jason Khalipa, CrossFit Champion

“I’ve been in really tough situations and I had to tell myself:
I made a commitment. I chose to do this. And I need to go and fulfil that commitment to myself and my family.”

- Jason Khalipa, The Monica Kade podcast

Jason Khalipa graduated from Santa Clara University in July 2008, won the CrossFit Games and opened CrossFit Santa Clara in the same month. With a passion for fitness and an uncanny ability to develop and lead a supportive community, Jason has opened 20 additional locations worldwide. He founded NCFIT (formerly NorCal CrossFit), established widespread corporate wellness programs, modernized fitness in the hospitality sector, and revolutionized the way people think of fitness.

He’s tested his limits. During the eight separate CrossFit Games he participated in, Jason competed as an individual for seven consecutive years and as a team competitor in his eighth year. He has won every regional competition he’s participated in, accepted a Spirit of the Games award in 2009, and has only placed outside the top 10 once throughout his entire CrossFit Games career.  

What I loved most about talking to Jason was his humility and complete presence throughout our conversation. I feel honored to have spent half an hour chatting with such a cool and impressive human. Now you can listen in too! 

Learn About

> When his love for fitness started?
> When did CrossFit come to the picture?
> Learn about the difference between learned and earned confidence
> What went through his mind and body the moment he found out he won the CrossFit games in 2008?
> How he focuses his energy to keep going when under mental and physical pressure.
> How his approach, “Being an athlete doesn’t stop when you exit the arena, field, or court. It’s a lifestyle” has served him in life.
> How Jason and his wife, Ashley have grown together and nurtured their relationship?
> In January 2016, his daughter Ava was diagnosed with leukaemia. He shares how that felt?
> What has Ava taught him throughout this experience?
> Has the experience made him appreciate his life and family more?
> His philosophy around finding balance and bringing presence into his life.

Signature Questions

> What career would Jason attempt if he wasn’t in this one?
> What scares him?
> What’s the greatest thing he learnt about himself through competing in the CrossFit games.