Ep 72 - Brihony Dawson aka Ladyhood, Entertainer

"Get over it. There is so much more to life than living in that little comfortable shell you’ve built around yourself. You’re never going to do anything in there. You’re going to do the same shit every fucking day."

- The Monica Kade Show

My guest is Brihony Dawson, but you may know her better as LADYHOOD.

This androgynous beauty is bangin’ out some serious tunes and captivating hearts worldwide. Her charming grin lights up the room. Her presence commands the stage with a playful ferocity...this woman was born to entertain!

But behind the energy of this captivating entertainer, there’s a quiet wisdom that came out to play during our conversation. Brihony's one of the few that have all-willingly walked into the Unknown. She's asked herself the harder questions, which most are afraid of asking themselves. This girl has consciously made her life into something she wants it to be. I believe this is where her fearlessness comes from.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of people over the past decade and it’s a real delight when you come across an individual that totally owns their space in the world and is just going for it!

Lots of laughs and wise insights shared with this lady. 

Take a listen!

"I just got so sad being comfortable. So I had to go out and really explore."

- Brihony Dawson, Ladyhood - The Monica Kade Show

Learn About

- What happened when she performed Cher’s Turn Back Time  in high school.
- What a typical day in her life looks like when she’s not touring.
- What being on stage feels like for her?
- She spills her pre-show rituals.
- How she feels when she’s singing.
- She talks on her songwriting process — some funny stuff here.
- What getting to know herself has been like and what that looked like.
- Her advice to those who feel they lack confidence when it comes to pursuing their dream? (Bloody brilliant)
- Plus we talk on the LGBTI youth and community.
- And more…So tune in.

Signature Questions

- If she wasn’t in her current career, what would Ladyhood attempt?
- What she’s afraid of?
- If she could change one thing in the world to better it, what would it be?
- The piece of wisdom/personal motto Brihony lives by?